Why do you buy unused diabetic test strips?
Pharmacies and other medical supply house charge as much as 2.50 per strips, making it very difficult for many uninsured diabetics. Meanwhile there are many people with a surplus of boxes that are fortunate enough to be in good health who throw these boxes away each month because people don’t realize it’s totally legal to sell your prescription diabetic test strips that you no longer need. We help people by buying as many of these diabetics test strips as possible and make these boxes available for the uninsured diabetic who need to monitor their blood level. They are able to purchase these for up to 70% less than the retail cost. We want to spread the message so that more unused Diabetic test strips are being recycled.
What do you do with the test strips after you buy them?
The test strips are resold for up to 75% less than retail prices, making them affordable for those not covered by insurance.
Is it legal to sell test strips?
Yes it is legal. Any product that can be purchased over the counter at a pharmacy can be legally resold, even if the product was originally prescribed.
Do you only buy test strips in California? What if I live outside of the State of California?
Right now we only buy test strips from people who live in California.
When will I get paid?
You will get paid CASH the same day if you drop off at one of our 3 locations or if we pick up from you.  If you ship your supplies to us you will be paid via PayPal or Moneygram within 8-12 hours after receiving your boxes in good order.
Do you accept any brand of diabetic test strips?
We accept most of the major brands of test strips. We do not accept lancets.  View our Brands & Price List Here.  If you don’t see your brand listed give Rudy a call at 310-985-1362 to see if he can accept it.
How much do you pay for test strips?
We offer competitive and fair pay for diabetic test strips that are in good condition and meet our requirements. View our Brands & Price List  here.
How long have you been buying unused test strips in Los Angeles.
We have been in business buying test strips in Los Angeles for 7 years.
Do you have an expiration date policy?
Yes. Unused and unopened test strips must have at LEAST 1-year remaining till expiration. We will accept strips 7-months from expiration but the prices will vary. We do not accept  strips under 6-months old.
Do you accept damaged boxes?

Yes we do!  We pay 50% off normal prices.

Should I remove the pharmacy labels?
No. Don’t try to remove the labels yourself.  We will remove all pharmacy labels using a special method to avoid damage. You may mark over your personal information with a soft black magic marker if you’d like.

Do You Still Have Questions?

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